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Desk Staples

Desk Staples

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Nimble APOLLO Wireless Stand: This wireless charging stand supports up to 15W of wireless power for a faster, more reliable charging experience. With three charging coils and an anti-slip surface, you’ll get instant power on contact, every time you put down your phone. Need to use your phone, but don’t want to stop charging? The raised front edge is designed to elevate your device for easy access to facial recognition and video calls. Browse the Internet or message friends in Portrait mode. Watch YouTube or stream your favorite movies and TV shows in Landscape mode, all while powering up. Made with post-consumer plastic and silicone and to further reduce total footprint by -7.3 lb of CO2 compared to available wireless charger alternatives.

YETI 16oz Stackable Pint Rambler: Upgrade your single-use, plastic cups at basecamp with reusable, supremely insulated Stackable Pints (remove lids before stacking). This hefty happy hour vessel pulls its weight around the fire until the last drink is poured and the keg is tapped. Like the entire Rambler Family, this Stackable Pint and its smooth-sliding MagSlider Lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The lid's magnet adds an additional barrier of protection, but please note - this magnet component is not leakproof and will not prevent spills.

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