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Asobu Insulated Wine Insulated Sleeve: Wine glasses are just that - glass. The problem comes when we want to drink chilled wine at a BBQ, or a pool party. Metal stemless cups can give the wine a metal taste which is why the Wine Glass Insulated Sleeve is just for you. It's lightweight, double-walled insulated, and it secures your stemless wine glass (wine glass included). Created with a novel, innovative world wide pending patent technology that will keep your wine chilled with no sweat on the outer wall.

HiRuna Bird of Paradise Relaxation Set: Step into a tropical floral paradise with this amazing scent. This fragrance begins with top notes of lemon, orange, and tuberose, followed by middle notes of bird of paradise, gardenia, rose, and honeysuckle; all sitting on base notes of magnolia leaves and jasmine. Includes Bird of Paradise Soap, Bird of Paradise Body Buttercream, Bird of Paradise Foaming Sugar Scrub, and Wood Soap Dish.

Gravity Weighted Eye Mask: This Weighted Sleep Mask uses science to give your face the perfect pressure stimulation. It also blocks out light and feels amazing, thanks to a combination of micro-plush and imitation cashmere. The patented design distributes between .75 and 1 lb. of weighted pressure to key pressure points on the face – on areas surrounding the eyes tied to relaxation. Mask is made with signature micro-plush and luxurious imitation cashmere. The weighted insert is filled with fine-grade glass beads. An adjustable velcro strap (23-28 in.) guarantees that any sleeper can benefit from our mask. Please note! We recommend washing the mask by hand in warm water, as it is not intended to be machine-washed. Once washed, leave out to air dry.

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